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Group Sessions

Group music therapy services are offered in our clinic and in a variety of facilities and locations including schools, community centers, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities.


Sessions are designed with group goals in mind, but also focus on individual needs. Interventions and goals are adapted to meet the needs of the specific population being served.


Our board-certified music therapists create a fun and motivating environment in which therapeutic goals are addressed as we interact with peers. No prior musical knowledge or experience is necessary!  Music therapy is centered upon the inherent connection we all have with music.



If you are interested in one of the following groups, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Customized Music Therapy Groups

These groups are created on a case by case basis. Participants typically start with individual sessions so that the music therapist can get to know the individual and create a group based on what would be appropriate. If desired to be placed directly into a group, the participant attends a preliminary individual session, during which the therapist and participant become acquainted, a brief assessment is taken and the therapist determines the appropriate group placement for the participant.

Early Development Groups

The first few years of life are crucial to our development. Everything we see, hear, and feel may have an impact on who we become. Luckily, learning through music activates and strengthens the entire brain, and is therefore a great way to develop and improve the basic skills that become building blocks for future success. In these groups, Music therapists incorporate various elements of music, such as dynamics and rhythm, as well as lots of music making and movement/dance to work on successful development in early childhood. Goals include cognitive (i.e. attention and impulse control), gross/fine motor, social (i.e. interactive play) and language skills. Your child will be ahead of the game, engaging in a unique and effective learning process facilitated by fun, musical activities and experiences!

Social and Language Skills Groups

Music therapists use catchy songs to capture your child's attention and motivate him or her, while fostering appropriate social and language skills.  From enticing instruments to colorful visuals, your child is immediately engaged in musical conversations through cooperative instrument playing and social stories.  Learning to make eye contact, increasing spontaneous and cued speech, improving speech intelligibility, taking turns, and developing appropriate social reactions are a few of the many goals that are integrated into this group.  These groups can also cater to teens and adults who may want or need more opportunities to interact with peers and practice their social and language skills.

Teen and Adult Music Groups

Music serves many functions in our teen and adult years. It can be utilized for relaxation, mood and arousal regulation, exercise/dance/movement, self-expression, maintaining focus, memory recall, and entertainment. Music Therapists use a variety of creative music making and music listening experiences to address the following goal areas: social/emotional, motor/physical, self-expression, attention, and relaxation. These groups are designed to foster a safe and motivating space for self-expression, exploration, and creativity, and can cater to those with special needs and/or mental health stressors. Teens and adults will have the opportunity to share their favorite music, make new friends, and engage in a variety of music related activities. Participants will be encouraged to have some fun and step out of their comfort zone, but will never be forced or expected to do something. Each session is based on the weekly needs of each group, and clients are provided with plenty of options to customize their experience

Older Adult Movement & Memory Groups

These groups are designed for adults and older adults with physical limitations due to Parkinson's, stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, other movement disorders, injuries, and/or orthopedic surgery, who want to improve strength, range of motion, endurance, and/or gait in a motivating and supportive environment. Music Therapists use specific musical elements and instruments to effectively cue various movements and exercises. Participants are encouraged to sing along, request their favorite songs, and participate in this interactive experience. 

Parkinson's Singing Groups

These groups are designed specifically for individuals with Parkinson's Disease who would like to improve and maintain their vocal abilities. Goals include increasing vocal volume, increasing breath support, and increasing rate of speech in order to clearly and effectively communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. Participants can engage in various singing activities and fun vocal challenges, sharing the experience with other individuals with PD. No singing experience required!

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