Josh Rivera, BA

Josh is our Specialized Music Instructor. He received his bachelor's degree in psychology, with a minor in sociology from Rutgers University.

Josh possesses more than 10 years of musical experience with private instruction in classical and jazz forms through local instructors Keith Calmes (master's degree in classical performance - Julliard, USC, Mel Bay author), Ryan Thomson (bachelor's degree in jazz performance - Berklee College of Music, Owner of Belmar School of the Musical Arts), and Randy Preston (Berklee College of Music - guitar performance, guitarist in progressive rock band Karmic Juggernaut). 

Josh is an accomplished musician, and has performed in venues such as The Stone Pony, The Wonder Bar, The Saint, Langosta Lounge, and Brighton Bar when involved with local rock/reggae group From the Ground. Josh also has extensive recording experience through his work in a duo named Passing Tones

Josh has volunteered in an after-school music program within the Orange County School District.

He specializes in guitar and bass instruction.


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