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Sing, Play, Discover!

Early Development Music and Movement  Enrichment Classes

Learning about music and playing instruments is a wonderful and beneficial experience for all children. But here at Mosaic Music Therapy, we have taken things to the next level. As Music Therapists, we have designed Sing, Play, Discover! to help children of all levels reach non-musical developmental milestones through various activities facilitated by music. All seemingly fun and games, your child will actually be learning and practicing essential skills that will ultimately help shape their personalities and their own ways of thinking and moving. Of course, they will also inevitably pick up some musical skills in the process! Class size limit is 8 children and 8 caregivers in order to maintain an intimate setting in which each participant can receive individualized attention. Don't miss out, save your spot today!

Mosaic offers the highest value at the lowest cost. Classes are 45 minutes in duration and offered weekly in 4 and 8 week semesters. We are currently offering our 4 week program for only $65! That's under $17 per class! Please                    if you are interested in enrolling your child into any of our music and movement programs.

Please note that scheduling will be based on interest and availability.

Take a peek at our class offerings below and come Sing, Play, and Discover with us!

**SIBLING SPECIAL: $10 off per semester for each additional child enrolled in the same or different class!**

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Class Offerings

TREBLE TUNES >> Ages 4-5

At this stage in development, your child's independence is growing as he/she is creating friendships, helping with simple chores, and even riding a tricycle. This 45-minutes class incorporates interactive musical/dance games, sing-a-longs, story time and more, to work on appropriate social skills like taking turns, sharing, impulse control, leading/following, and teamwork! Your child will also have opportunities to practice skills such as reading, counting, listening, and advanced motor skills.


At this stage in development your toddler is jumping around, following directions, expressing emotions, and imitating everything! This 45-minute class is designed to optimize your child's independence. You will support play and interaction but let your toddler take the reigns. The group will engage in movement and dance, instrument/prop play, story time, and singing activities to work on peer interaction, motor skills, impulse control, direction following and more!

TINY TUNES >> Ages 1-2

At this stage in development, your child is learning to walk, talk, and understand feelings. This 45-minute class facilitates learning these skills through fun songs and interactive music making. It's time for you and your little one to move and groove, with exposure to new words, colors, sensory activities and more each week!

TEENY TINY TUNES >> Ages 0-12 months

At this stage in development, your baby is beginning to smile, babble, explore, and build a connection with you. This 45-minute class offers ample time to bond with your little one. Each week, you and your baby will be introduced to new themes, songs, movement, props and instruments you will explore together. Activities include tummy time, sing-a-longs, wiggles and dancing, story time, instrument play and more! Learn key ways to incorporate music in your baby's development.

BABY WEIGHTS >> 3-9 months

Are you ready to start losing that baby weight? Is it nearly impossible to get to the gym when you're busy taking care of your little one? This intimate 45-miute class was created to fulfill your workout and mommy needs all in one. You will be guided through modified exercises in which your baby will act as the weight and resistance needed to help you burn fat and tone up. Get ready to start each week with a variety of dancing, lifting, core strengthening, kisses and hugs for an effective, full body workout and bonding time with your baby!

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